As a member of the Professional Live Arts for Youth Society you will help us continue to provide affordable arts programming to youth and families in your community. We appreciate your support to the arts, your community and our philosophy. This annual membership receives benefits such as:

An invitation to an annual member only meet and greet with the teachers, staff and other members while enjoying refreshments

Voting rights at our annual general meeting

Ability to apply for a seat on the Board of Directors when one becomes available

Monthly member only email detailing new projects and programs offered by P.L.A.Y

Your name listed on our website and marketing materials. (Optional)

If you would like to become a member of P.L.A.Y. Society please fill out all the information attached to the button below. We will be mailing out information to our members about the AGM and the member meet and greet night.

On behalf of P.L.A.Y. Society, thank you for becoming a member and we look forward to working with you in providing the best programming we can to your community.

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