Brad Tones

Executive Director

Affordable arts programming for families. It’s an idea that never crossed my mind until I received a phone call from Deb Hinksman in April of 2014, he was the Minister of the Cliff avenue church in Burnaby and I barely knew her at the time. She asked me if I wanted to be a part of a project that involved the arts and working with youth. In our first meeting she asked me if I’d like to create a program that offers affordable arts classes to kids? I agreed but had doubts as there are costs to everything: Teachers, Insurance, Venues, Supplies, etc. That’s when I heard about the Barbara Howard Students Arts Program and how they were willing to completely fund this idea. So myself and Jessica Nelson had a goal for the next few month, we were creating a new company from scratch. We gave it a name, designed the logo and website with the help of Cale our designer, searched the Lower Mainland for somewhere to start and before we knew it we had it. P.L.A.Y. - Professional Live Arts for Youth was born and we haven’t looked back since. I am extremely proud of what P.L.A.Y. has become. We are a company dedicated to affordable arts programs for everyone, and I mean everyone. We will cover the cost for anyone who needs it, no questions asked. I am so very thankful for the students and parents have spread the word about us in such a positive light and I am grateful for the teachers we have. They are strong, filled with fun and the kids love them. P.L.A.Y is now a functioning Society with it’s own Board of Directors and I am excited to see us grow and support communities everywhere.


Jessica Nelson

Jessica Anne Nelson is an award-winning theatre director, creator and producer in Vancouver, with a B.A. in Theatre Honours from the University of British Columbia.

Jessica has had a life-long love of creative theatre. Growing up on a 40-acre plant nursery in Langley, she developed a passion for theatre created out in nature, learning that she could use the environment around as both source material and stage. This deep connection to nature with experiences in traditional theatre and more recent explorations and exposure to new forms of creative theatre, Jessica fills her theatre projects with a mix of natural and constructed experiences that can open audiences to a new view and appreciation of theatre.


Cari Andrews

Cari has been immersed in the performing arts since she was a child. Although theatre is her first love, working with children and youth and seeing them reach their full potential on the stage is her passion. Cari currently teaches a variety of drama and dance programs in the lower mainland and is studying to become an elementary school teacher.

Jennifer Gillis

Having a deep love for the performing arts and teaching children, Jennifer is delighted to be a part of the P. L. A. Y. team. Jennifer is an accomplished actress, singer and dancer with an extensive resume in musical theatre, television, radio, music videos and animated voice over work. She looks forward to sharing her love of theatre with her students with the hopes of inspiring them that they can accomplish their dreams.

Rachel "Tuna" Petrovicz

Rachel is an illustrator and comic artist born and raised in North Vancouver. A student of both Langara College and Capilano University, she has been freelancing for over 5 years, producing numerous comic projects serialized online and in print, and concept art for personal work and commission. She has displayed at galleries and curated exhibitions around Vancouver, and contributed work to book covers, illustrated game manuals, and smartphone apps.

Danielle Meshen

Danielle has been involved with the performing arts since a young age, fostering her love of theatre in high school - participating in both scripted performance and improv, including the Canadian Improv Games. She continued this passion for storytelling throughout university, first receiving her B.A. in English Literature, then her Bachelor of Education in Secondary English from UBC. She currently teaches English and Theatre in the Maple Ridge School District.

Alicia Tobin

Alicia is currently studying theatre at The University of the Fraser Valley with the goal of becoming a high school drama teacher. She has been heavily involved in and completely in love with musical theatre and drama since she was a child, and loves nothing more than to help instil that passion in children and youth. Alicia has been a part of countless productions ranging from miming projects to musicals and directing self-written one act plays. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion, as well as learning more about theatre through teaching.


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