The name of this program is P.L.A.Y. (Professional Live Arts for Youth). It is named so because at the core of the arts and every child is the need to play. Everyone has the right to play and access to the arts. P.L.A.Y will bring theatre professionals from across the Lower Mainland and provide top tier classes available to anyone who wants them. We will work closely with each community to offer programs that fit the needs of families and their communities.

If there is a program that you want in your community please let us know and we will do our best to provide those classes to you.Classes will run on a semester system or week long intensives and students will create a piece to be performed in house or at at a local theatre. We will be building trust through games, rehearsals and working as an ensemble to build confidence and skill.

The goal is to create cost friendly programming. These types of classes normally cost around $10-$13 per hour, P.L.A.Y classes will cost between $5-6 per hour which hopefully makes them more accessible to everyone. We are also able to cover the cost of classes if need be through scholarships and subsidy with the help our funders and sponsors. Parents only need to ask, there is no proof of income of financial records needed.

Barbara Howard Student Arts Program

The Program is in honour of Barbara Howard. Barbara is a current resident of Burnaby, avid church member and lover of the arts. She also happens to be the first person of colour to compete for Canada on an international stage. At 17 Barbara ran the 100 meter dash in 11.2 seconds, which secured her a spot on team Canada for the Empire Games in 1938. She returned from the games placing 6th in the world at the 100 meter and won a silver and bronze in the relay. The War cancelled the 1940 Olympics where she vowed to return with gold. If that wasn't enough Barbara received an Education Degree from UBC and became the first visible minority hired by the Vancouver School Board. She is now a close friend and inspiration to so many young people and artists. Barbara is no longer running or teaching but she is a huge supporter of the arts. She continues to be an inspiration to so many.

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Covid – 19 UPDATE

This is an unprecedented time and PLAY Society is doing everything we can to ensure the arts
community continues to thrive. The safety and health of our students and staff are our number
one priority. Our summer camps will proceed with limited capacity and will focus on social
distancing and safety. If you have any questions about the details surrounding our covid
protocol during the summer please contact us and we will be happy to inform you.


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